marta capponi - 2018.09.17 - photography
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Jazz vocalist & composer

I was born to sing.


Back then I had no idea that the road would be far from straightforward and that it would be these twists and turns that would end up shaping me into who I am today. But despite all of life’s ups and downs, I had never doubted for one moment that this was my calling.


When I sing I feel grounded and yet connected with a higher force, a force that channels my energies and makes me the medium of its own expression. For me, jazz is not just a genre of music, it is a state of mind, a way of living, it is fearlessly jumping into the unknown, trusting your instincts and improvising whilst staying in the flow. Jazz is in my blood no matter what I sing, and this gives me freedom.


When I sing I feel in my own place, living in the moment; I feel in my own skin. I feel the warmth flowing throughout my body; I am at peace and able to convey all my emotions.

My musical path led me to learn about different genres of music. That personal enrichment has become an invaluable asset to my music. Being able to be versatile enough to sing different genres and in different languages makes me feel free. It makes my soul soar through harmony and rhythm and allows my voice to answer to any music that will touch my heart. 


Music gives me the opportunity to challenge myself and become a better person and a better artist, every day of my life, with gratitude, love and respect.

Marta Capponi