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"Marta Capponi is the quintessential jazz artist. In her work, the magical blend of language, talent, skills and creativity come to light in the most organic effortless manner. She captures the great jazz tradition yet manages to push the envelope forward."

Gilad Atzmon, saxophonist and composer

Nucleus is the latest project of singer and improviser Marta Capponi and drummer and percussionist Emiliano Caroselli. The acoustic duo, as well as being a married couple in real life, have collaborated to create an exciting and eclectic musical experience.


The music in Nucleus is all original. The creative process is based on improvisation and experimentation. The surprising combination of these two ancient instruments encourages a fluidity of roles, allowing voice to provide rhythm and percussion to contribute melody. This cultivates new textures and ideas unique to this constellation. The sound is raw but refined.

The album, not yet released, was recorded in two days at the studio. The guiding principle that Capponi and Caroselli kept in mind was to feel absolutely free to play and sing (or not) whatever they wanted at any time. This freedom was essential to them to create something completely fresh, new and honest. From the recording, they selected sections, melodies and riffs which were combined to create new structures and forms for the music. Performing ‘in the moment’ was essential for this project.

Although we might rush and describe the project as free music, it’s important to notice that it also has structure and form, as well as references to Capponi and Caroselli’s musical backgrounds and inspirations: swing and groove (from Brazilian and African music), blues and jazz, classical and experimental music. You can hear the trust and connection between both musicians, encouraging them to go further in their musical ideas, to be bolder and push their boundaries.

‘I believe that the trust, respect, reciprocity and love that we feel for each other are reflected in the music of Nucleus, representing our life as musicians and as a married couple. This is a musical reflection of our love for each other and our effort to always work and reinvent ourselves in our relationship, personal and artistic.’

Marta Capponi

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