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In A Momement

In A Moment was Marta’s first project as bandleader and composer. It wasn’t released at the time (2011) but it marked a turning point in Capponi’s career. The songs included in the recording are all original compositions that she wrote during the previous 6 years, during her time in Italy, before she moved to London. It’s an autobiographical project where the songs explore different moments in Capponi’s life.


Capponi collaborated with pianist and composer Emilio Merone to find her creative voice and to help arrange her new compositions. Capponi explains that Merone gave her the confidence to set her creativity free and to turn this project into a reality.


Besides original compositions, In A Moment also includes renditions of some of Capponi’s favourite songs including Cole Porter’s So in Love, and Carlos Varela’s Una Palabra. Marta’s multilinguality and stylistic versatility combine with her jazz influences to allow her to include music in English, Italian and Spanish, spanning genres from Bossa to Hard Bop.


‘After so many years I still love singing the songs I wrote for this project, especially In A Moment, which was the first song I ever wrote and marks a very important moment in my career as an artist.’


Marta Capponi

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For the recording of the album, Capponi had an exceptional group of musicians with her: pianist Mario Nappi, bassist Riccardo Gola and drummer Emiliano Caroselli who played with Marta for many years, percussionist Dario Zema who gave the music a South American kick, and guitarist Giacomo Ancillotto who also added an electronic touch to some of the tracks. The album also features some special guests: Javier Girotto on soprano saxophone, Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet, Fabio Tullio on tenor sax and vocalist Badara’ Seck.

Line up:


Marta Capponi - vocals, compositions and arrangements

Emilio Merone - piano, compositions and  arrangements 

Mario Nappi - piano

Riccardo Gola - double bass

Giacomo Ancillotto - guitar

Emiliano Caroselli - drums

Dario Zema - percussions

Iris Cartia - lyrics

Special Guests:

Javier Girotto - soprano sax

Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet

Fabio Tullio - tenor sax

Badara’ Seck - vocals

Recorded at Viva Musica Studio October 2011

Sound engineer Fabio Tullio

Mixed and Mastered by Raimondo Mosci

Artwork by IAIA

The Single


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